What’s Wrong With The Catholic Church?

Globally there are bags of priests alleged and abashed as pedophiles and yet they are accurate by their academy and forgiven their alleged sins. Abounding of these abusers are in bastille with the latest getting the above amount three at the Vatican. The Pope alleged a affair of bishops to boldness the affair but the calendar they serve appears added about extenuative the organisation rather than preventing the abominable crime.

Children sexually abused by developed men may never balance from the shock and its appulse on their lives. They can become depressed, about-face to drugs, go through brainy hell, and abounding accomplish suicide. Whatever happens their lives are basically ruined.

Parents are at allowance about what to do. They are, however, trapped by the article of the abbey and the acceptance that they cannot argue it as they accident traveling to hell. This is as big a bastille of the credo as there can be and yet no such abode as that exists. So why do they accept it?

Fundamentally, the abbey is a business that survives on bullwork and charity. To access it as either a priest or a nun an admit accept to abandonment all backing and contacts with the world. He or she is again answerable to reside a chaste life, which is absurd for abounding to do.

It is the acumen for this behavior that pinpoints the agent of the adoration and why pedophilia and animal corruption is tolerated. With the anamnesis of reincarnation arch me on my analysis went aback to Babylon to accept it. The after-effects are abominable but the absolute God, the Great Spirit of the Universe, larboard letters that at this time all will be revealed.

“Thus saith God… for your account I accept beatific to Babylon… ” (Isaiah 43:4) and this was my calling. Commissioned to breach down the barrier of lies, mysteries, and ambidexterity the Spirit-empowered me to ascertain the roots of all religions in that of Islam, the adoration of that city/state.

The arch idol of adoration was and charcoal the sun. In Babylon, it was alleged ‘Mari’ and it agency “mother’s able eye’. Men died on crosses to ‘marry Mary’ and Constantine, who was of the aforementioned adoration and beliefs, accustomed the Roman Catholic Abbey in 325 AD. Mary was renamed Mother of God and it is now the capital article of adoration aural it.

That is why priests are affiliated to Mary and accept to abide celibate. It is not what is practiced, however, but what is apparent to be accomplished that matters. Consequently, pedophilia and even sex with nuns is not alone acceptable but encouraged. It was consistently the case and no Pope, Cardinal, abbey or priest, is able to change it.

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